SnapOdds Sports Media

It’s a Snap converting viewers into bettors!

SnapOdds helps you to increase the affiliate revenue earned from your website or app visitors.

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Our intelligent technology recognizes live games on TV or streaming using the camera on mobile devices and instantly displays live odds that link directly to the betting page. SnapOdds technology increases revenue from your website and app visitors, all while providing a resource that helps your readers get the best odds on any sports game.

SnapOdds is a widget (SDK) that gets embedded into media apps and websites. No backend integration – super easy to do

How can this benefit Sports Media?

  1. New revenue channel

    Monetize your online coverage with affiliate revenue from sportsbook sign-ups.

  2. Audience Insights

    Provides additional user data based on what your audience is snapping.

  3. More Viewers

    Increase your viewership and drive new visitors to your app/ mobile page during live games.

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