SnapOdds Social

Frictionless Bet Discovery via Social Media

SnapOdds Social for operators is a visual search engine for live sports broadcasts embedded into popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

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SnapOdds Social uses the core SnapOdds visual search technology to enable users to snap and recognize live sports broadcasts and associate these with live wagering events offered on operator apps and sites.

Benefits of SnapOdds Companion

  • Affordable and viral social media engagement tool

  • No integration into the operator or affiliate app or website front-end needed

  • Market differentiator leveraging live sports landscape

  • Access to hundreds of thousands of potential viewers

  • Free and frictionless odds and bet discovery

  • Acquire & track new users and associated valuable data

  • Reactivate lapsed users

  • WOW! factor: novelty meets genuine utility

  • Shareability and virality

  • No impact on operator core development pipelines

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