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Nov 21st, 2023

In this interview with SnapOdds CEO and Founder Thomas Willomitzer we recap the company’s recent success, grabbing the distinction at the SBC First Pitch ceremony at the SBC Summit Barcelona 2023. Willomitzer speaks how his company helps discover betting opportunities and adds gamification, cutting the time needed to place a bet and infusing entertainment in the process. — an interview by Alex Baluch.

Q: Thomas, SnapOdds has recently won the SBC First Pitch competition at the SBC Summit Barcelona 2023 - congrats on that! It definitely goes to show your potential and the originality of your concept. For those of our readers who are not aware, though, what exactly is SnapOdds and should they be excited?

Thank you! SnapOdds is powered by our computer vision technology, allowing any smartphone to instantly recognize sporting events on TV through their unique digital fingerprint. Think of it as the "Shazam for sports betting." What sets us apart is our focus on adding gamification and excitement to the process of discovering betting opportunities. Sports and sports betting are thrilling, but many operator apps and websites can feel like data overload. We aim to transport the excitement of sports and betting all the way to your mobile device.

Q: Can we dig right into SnapOdds. The concept seems fascinating - essentially, people can watch their favorite sports broadcasts and use SnappOdds to also get viable betting odds. How wrong are we describing SnappOdds like that?

You've got it right. Sportsbook operators integrate our mobile camera widget, allowing users to identify live games on TV effortlessly. Furthermore, operators can utilize our computer vision technology for social media engagement without the need for complex integration.

Q: What do you believe is the biggest advantage of SnappOdds and do you think that consumers are ready for it - cutting-edge as it is? Are you optimistic that despite a small learning curve users will come to realize and appreciate its value?

Consumers are undoubtedly ready for SnapOdds, and early adopters and feedback confirm that users absolutely love it. We not only reduce the time needed to place a bet but also infuse entertainment and gamification into the betting experience. As the jury at SBC rightly pointed out, there are likely numerous future use cases we haven't even discovered yet.

Q: Is SnapScreen's future product expansion constrained by capital concerns, are you already on a sound footing and confident that your product will speak for itself when looking to secure the additional funds and propel your offer ahead?

SnapOdds is well-positioned to conquer the market because we've built something users genuinely appreciate. Moreover, we have the advantage of being a first mover in the field, positioning us as the de-facto monopoly for visual search related to sports on TV and streaming.

Q: Apart from consumers, who else benefits from SnapOdds. How do legitimate operators and brands come into all of this and are they interested in working closely with you?

Currently our offering is B2B2C, meaning we provide our technology to operators and brands rather than directly to end users (although this might change in the future). This approach enables legitimate operators and brands to enhance their user experiences, offering the gamified and exciting SnapOdds technology to their customers.

Image credit: Casino Guru News