SnapOdds Changes the Game with Live-Betting Video Recognition Technology

Published on
Apr 3rd, 2022

MIAMI - (March 24, 2022) - In a major win for sportsbook operators, sports media, and bettors, SnapOdds, has created a first-of-its-kind proprietary white label video recognition engine that lets fans instantly get the best in-play odds on live sports games by simply pointing and snapping their phone’s camera at any sports broadcast.

SnapOdds, the first product from the parent company Snapscreen Inc., is an innovative bet discovery and engagement tool that can be easily integrated by sportsbook operators and sports media. The "Shazam-like" feature provides a seamless mobile experience for sports fans and creates a dynamic and easy-to-use path to wagering. SnapOdds helps sportsbook operators increase in-play bets placed and enables sports media to optimize affiliate revenue opportunities.

The new technology has the ability to dramatically raise the $106.25 billion sports betting industry by facilitating frictionless in-play wagering among the growing number of amateur and expert sports fans with easier access to mobile sports betting. With increased interest and growth among average sports fans and bettors, coupled with stagnant innovation in the digital sports betting industry, SnapOdds in-play betting technology is a win-win for players, sportsbooks, and sports media.

“Sportsbooks and sports media collectively offer nearly the same product when it comes to sports betting," said Thomas Willomitzer, Founder and CEO of SnapScreen Inc. "The companies that innovate with new features to greatly improve the user experience will ultimately have the advantage. When sports fans use SnapOdds technology, they can't believe how easy and exciting it is to go from watching a game to betting on it."

The technology is powered by a proprietary video recognition engine that detects any live sports game from a single frame or image with a response time of less than 0.1 seconds at 100 percent accuracy. SnapOdds technology can be seamlessly and swiftly embedded, unbranded into native iOS and Android apps as well as web apps. The suite of benefits are specifically tailored to both sportsbooks and sports media.

Key business opportunities for sportsbook operators who integrate SnapOdds technology within their app or mobile web pages include:

  • Increased number of in-play bets

  • Improved and streamlined user experience

  • Revolutionary and innovative feature for existing users

  • Customized odds based on the game the user is watching

Key benefits for sports media who integrate SnapOdds technology within their app or mobile web page include:

  • Opportunity to generate affiliate sportsbook revenue

  • A new useful sports betting tool for their audience

  • More website/app visitors during live sporting events

  • Valuable audience insights and user data

See SnapOdds technology in-action HERE.

About SnapOdds

SnapOdds is a sports betting technology product of Snapscreen Inc., that has developed a proprietary video recognition software that can recognize live sporting events being broadcast using just a single snap from your phone, and then offer live game odds and facilitate in-game betting for users. More information about SnapOdds is available at:

About Snapscreen Inc.

Snapscreen Inc., based in Miami with offices in Austria, is a technology company focused on the use of mobile devices and image recognition software in the world of sports and entertainment. SnapOdds is the first product from Snapscreen Inc., a Techstars portfolio company.